August 2017 Crack The SHELL!  - Register here for free raffle giveaways


Meetup Page Details:


Date: Saturday, August 11th, 2017

Time: 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Location: O’Callaghan Annapolis Hotel

Address: 174 West Street, Annapolis, MD




Entrance is free! $1,000 GRAND PRIZE!



*****We will reach capacity very quickly, please ensure timely arrival to ensure entrance into this event.

  • Brought to you by The Hackerground(, HackEd ( Launch! Annapolis ( and Maryland Tech Connection (
  •  If you have attended our past Capture the Flag, this event will be very different, as it will be a simulated penetration test that will require you to hack into as many boxes as possible and get as many flags as possible.


  •  Categories covering web application exploits, binaries and reverse engineering, password cracking, cryptography, wifi, and other fun surprises...


  • There will a $1,000 Grand prize for the winning team


  • Expert in hacking? Come show off your skills and connect with other members in the community.  Bring a laptop, and a power cord. If you happen to have wireless gear or lock picking tools, bring those too.


***Please note:  Entry is limited to first 100 people present at event.  Entry is free, and no registration is required, but recommended!

***If you would like to be entered to win prizes, registration and physical presence is required!