Bsides Charleston Intro to CTF Prep

What Should I Bring?

  1. A Laptop with charger. 
  2. A Virtual Machine Manager, such as Virtual Box(Free Download):\
  3. A Kali virtual machine(free):
  4. The kali virtual machine loaded and ready to go


What are the Pre-Reqs?


1. ****MOST IMPORTANT*** - Be comfortable in a bash command line.  This includes traversing directories(cd), listing files(ls), using your favorite text editor(vi, vim, nano, emacs).

If you need some practice, a partner of ours, White Hat Academy, has some good interactive bash lessons online for free!


2.  Basic networking knowledge - know what ping does and how the internet works from a high level.


3.  A desire to learn the basics of penetration testing skills that will help you participate in upcoming CTF's.


What Will We Be Doing?

The team intends to make this a hands on experience so attendees will not only have the knowledge, but some basic experience in actually running common commands.



4:00pm-5:00pm -- Overview of different types of CTF, basic computer networking/kali linux overview.


5:00pm-6:00pm -- Scanning and Enumeration using nmap


6:00pm-7:30pm -- WPscan, Directory Traversal, Exploitation, Privilege Escalation, Post Exploitation --Practice on machines


7:30pm-8:00pm -- The team will share lessons learned, strategies for winning CTF's and closing thoughts.


Please join our meetup for more information of future events: