About us

Welcome to THE HACKERGROUND, where you can have the tools necessary to successfully practice penetration testing in a secure, controlled environment.  Our goal is to equip our community through workshops, knowledge, and collaboration.  We welcome you no matter what your experience level or background is; all that we ask is you have fun and learn something new from your peers.


Please join our meetup! 



Thank you all for coming to our CTF at BSIDES Nova 2019!!!!  Walk throughs will be posted throughout the week on the tab located above

Hacking workshops

Wireless penetration

New to wireless hacking with no tools? Experienced with the most cutting edge tools? We have something for everybody - we are constantly testing your knowledge regardless of your skill level and exposing you to several different types of enterprise and commercial infrastructures.

Capture the flag

Always wanted to engage in a capture the flag but didn't know where to start or how you can contribute to a team?  Join us, and we'll teach you the basics, to catalyst you into being part of a winning team!



Hands on workshops

Want to learn how to build your own computer piece by piece?  Interested in working with Raspberry Pis?  Want to work with Arduinos to automate or create IoT devices?  Join us - we'll provide the equipment, and you supply the creativity.

Hands on training

Whether you're new to cybersecurity or a seasoned veteran, our training aims to help teach something new to everyone through the use of actual hands on environments.  We limit lecture and ensure to equip you with plenty of keyboard training.